IU Thesis/Dissertation Requirements

The graduate office is dedicated to all the graduate students it serves and is constantly striving for improved and more efficient ways to better serve you as graduate students. With this in mind, we created this dissertation/thesis formatting template. This template addresses many of the formatting issues that students regularly struggle with during their format reviews. We encourage you to use this at the start of your writing. While this template addresses many issues, it cannot account for all formatting errors, please review our format requirements and guidelines in addition to using this template.

IU Thesis and Dissertation Formatting Workshop

Common formatting errors

IUPUI Graduate Office formatting template

Signed Abstract Template  For use by Ph.D. students only. This abstract's layout will match your document's format.

Contact for any questions regarding the formatting template.

The links below will explain to you all of the formatting requirements for your thesis/dissertation, including fonts, required sections, numbering pages, and more.

Purdue Thesis & Dissertation Requirements

The IUPUI Graduate Office offers a formatting worshop for Purdue theses and dissertations in both Fall and Spring semesters. You can view the most recent Thesis and Dissertation Formatting Workshop Guidelines here »

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