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2019 IUPUI Outstanding Graduate & Professional Student Mentor Award

The IUPUI Graduate Mentoring Center Outstanding Mentor Award is given to encourage and recognize outstanding mentoring of the graduate and professional students and identify best practices for graduate mentoring at IUPUI. This year's award will be presented April 10, 2019 during the Elite 50 celebration dinner.

Mentoring Resources

Check here to see links to helpful resources and articles about becoming the best mentor and mentee.

Building an effective relationship of mutual understanding and trust with the mentee is a critical component of effective mentoring. Mentors can establish rapport with their mentees by using effective interpersonal communication skills, actively building trust, and maintaining confidentiality. This document contains information and advice to help mentors build rapport and create positive relationships with mentees so both parties can achieve the greatest benefit from the mentoring experience.

Building a Relationship with a Mentee

Mentoring sometimes does not get the recognition it deserves. The Nature award for creative mentoring in science was created to acknowledge and celebrate mentoring. A good mentor early in your career can make all the difference, no matter your area of study or career path. The following article includes references for how important mentoring is, highlights satisfaction for being a good mentor, and expresses how second-generation mentors are learning from their own mentors. This is a great resource for both mentors and mentees.

Nature's Guide for Mentors

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