Graduate Non-Degree Program

The Graduate Non-Degree (GND) program may be an option for you if you would like to:

  • Explore courses for possible future enrollment in a graduate/professional degree program
  • Take courses for personal or professional enrichment
  • If you need to take a course for licensing, such as for teaching, contact the department/school to determine the best way to proceed.

You must hold at least a bachelor’s degree to be eligible to apply to the GND program. Graduate non-degree students may enroll in graduate courses only or enroll in a combination of graduate and undergraduate courses in the same semester. Note: If you are planning on taking only undergraduate pre-requisites (400-level or below) to get into a graduate program, you should apply to the undergraduate non-degree program. Please consult with an advisor in your graduate program of interest on what courses you need to take. Also, any undergraduate courses taken as a GND student are at the graduate student credit hour rate.

While there is no deadline for the Graduate Non-Degree application, you should apply early to ensure you will get into the class(es) of your choice but at least a week before the semester starts. Normal application processing time is one week.

Admission to the GND program will not guarantee admission to a graduate degree program.


Before you apply, please contact the graduate department you’re interested in to determine your best admission and course options. If you’ve determined the Graduate Non-Degree (GND) program is the right fit for you, the next step is to apply.