Travel Fellowship Recipients

Sara Dille

I traveled to Ventura, California to attend the Bioinorganic Research Seminar, which is a part of the Metals in Biology Gordon Conference. I was given the opportunity to present a poster and discuss my research and future career options with the leaders of my field.

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Nazmuzzaman Khan

SAE WCX is one of the biggest conference in automotive and mechanical engineering. SAE WCX 2018 was held in Detroit, Michigan. I was able to meet 6 top executives from Ford and GM and got the opportunity to hear their vision on the future of autonomous vehicles. This was a very rare experience for me to talk to the people first hand, who shape the world automotive industry. I was also able to meet more than 20 researchers in my field from top universities and was able to create connection which will strengthen my research progress. My paper on "Weed detection and spray control from autonomous robot" generated a lot of interest and almost 50 people attended my presentation. All in all, it was a very successful conference for me to attend and I am grateful for the travel grant which made it possible.

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Lakshmi Prabhu

 I attended the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) meeting in Chicago, Illinois in April 2018. Here, I got the opportunity to present my work in Dr. Tao Lu’s lab at Indiana University School of Medicine titled “Protein Arginine Methyltransferase 5 as a Tumor Promoter and Therapeutic Target in Gastrointestinal Cancers” as well as discuss future career avenues with cancer researchers from across the world. Participation in this conference provided me an opportunity to not only share my exciting findings with peers and senior scientists, but also helped in receiving critical feedback for the same. Additionally, I got a first-hand opportunity to attend talks, posters and workshops featuring cutting edge research in the cancer field. This has helped me to apply this new-found knowledge in my own research project, thus providing to a broader perspective and scope to my work. Overall, attending this conference contributed greatly to my professional development and I am thankful for the funding support through the IUPUI Travel Fellowship for this experience.

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Dan Shen

WCX 18: SAE World Congress Experience was really a professionally unique and memorable experience for me to learn the cutting-edge science and technology in the automotive field, which extends and broadens my horizon of research in the future. In addition to socializing with colleagues from both universities and industries around the world, hundreds of research papers and innovative exhibits are presented. From a research point of view, listening to academic presentations informed me what other people are doing with more detailed and clear explanations, and will also inspire my own research ideas and learn different styles of presentations. From a career point of view, meeting and connecting with other attendees provided a good communication platform for technical and potential cooperative discussions, which offered me better understanding of companies development trends and specific requirements.

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Danielle Tometich

With assistance from several organizations at IUPUI including the Graduate Office, I attended the International Cancer and Cognition Task Force (ICCTF) Conference in Sydney, Australia on April 9th-11th, 2018. I gave two presentations of exciting findings from research on which I am collaborating with experts across the United States. The first was an oral presentation about the interaction effect of sleep disturbance and APOE genotype on cognitive function in older breast cancer patients. The second was a poster presentation on the effects of pre-cancer treatment symptom clusters on functional outcomes one and two years later in older breast cancer patients. Both presentations included an opportunity to answer questions and discuss my findings with leading experts in the field of cancer and cognition. Discussion with these distinguished researchers provided ideas for refining my work in manuscripts which I am preparing for publication. I also attended presentations given by other researchers with specialties ranging from neuropsychology to pre-clinical animal models. Thus, I learned about cutting-edge research being done in cancer and cognition from varying disciplines. Plenaries also provided information about the most recent recommendations for research methodology in this field. Finally, I was able to network with researchers approaching the problem of cancer-related cognitive decline from similar and different perspectives.

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