Student Successes

Harry Chaubey

Ph.D. in Music Technology

The Ph.D. I am enrolled in is not offered at many universities across the country, and I have always wanted to pursue my research away from a fast-paced city hence IUPUI gave me that headspace and opportunity for my research to come out in a much more effective and fruitful manner.

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Carol A Mills, MS, RN

Ph.D. in Health Policy and Management

I visited IUPUI twice, and each time I met with faculty, staff, and fellow students, I found an open, welcoming environment, with people that were eager to help me be successful. Today I work with renowned faculty who are supportive and available to me, and I enjoy a supportive relationship with my fellow students.

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Heather Taylor

Ph.D. in Health Policy and Management

The Health Policy and Management program at IUPUI is very strong and supportive. The faculty are amazing and well-rounded in their teaching, publishing, and grant writing capabilities.

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