Submission Methods


Once you’ve finalized your dissertation, your instructions for submission vary depending on whether your degree is conferred through IU or Purdue.

Pay careful attention to the deadlines for each of these steps.

IU Dissertation Submission

Complete the steps below, in order, to submit your dissertation.

  • Step 1: Defend

    Defend your dissertation.

    Learn how to schedule your defense »

  • Step 2: Schedule a Format Check

    Once you are ready to begin the submission process, contact the IU Graduate School recorder in the Graduate Office at IUPUI to schedule a format check. The scheduling of this appointment is mostly determined by the post-defense revisions required by your committee, but should take place well in advance of your expected graduation date to avoid delay. Bring the following to the format check:

    • Original signed acceptance page
    • Original signed abstract
    • The unbound dissertation on regular paper

    Learn what sections to include and how to format »

  • Step 3: Have Your Dissertation Bound

    After you’ve passed your defense, made the required changes and have passed your format check, you are ready to have your dissertation bound. The University Graduate School recommends the following local bindery; however, you are not limited to this business. You may use any bindery that uses the oversewn method.

    National Library Binding Co.

    55 S. State Avenue
    Indianapolis, IN 46201
    (317) 636-5606

    Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m.
    Go to the company’s website »

  • Step 4: Submit to IUPUI ScholarWorks.

    IUPUI students must submit the fully approved and formatted dissertation to IUPUI ScholarWorks. After that submission is approved, you may submit the document to ProQuest and get it bound. Make sure you read all submission instructions before attempting to submit through ProQuest.

    Go to ProQuest now »

    You’ll need to decide if you want to register your copyright. Copyright registration is optional, and the fee is $55 through ProQuest. You should pay the fee directly to ProQuest electronically.

    Once at the site, select “Submit my dissertation/thesis,” and follow the instructions. Email the following to the University Graduate School:

    • Confirmation of electronic submission
    • Fee receipt for submission
    • Copyright fee receipt, if you choose to copyright your work
  • Step 5: Schedule an Appointment to Turn in Your Dissertation

    Contact the IU Graduate School at IUPUI to schedule an appointment to turn in your bound materials.

    Bring the following to this appointment:

Purdue Dissertation Submission

The Graduate School at Purdue University details submission options for dissertations on its website.