Preparing Future Faculty and Professionals Program

Preparing Future Faculty and Professionals (PFFP) engages current IUPUI graduate students and postdoctoral fellows* in a full range of career options, responsibilities, and mentoring in academic and non-academic careers through year round programming. This includes our annual fall “Pathways” conference. The PFF track provides participants targeted seminars and hands-on activities related to research, teaching and service.

The PFP track provides career awareness, and management through outcome-based activities for the versatile use of their degrees. PFFP collaborates with campus offices, various higher education institutions, and industry partners and complements professional development activities and programs within the IUPUI schools and departments.

*Indiana University School of Medicine Ph.D. students cannot begin the PFFP program until they have selected a permanent Ph.D. program and joined the laboratory of a permanent faculty mentor, typically in the second year.

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Save the Date for the annual PFFP Pathways Conference 2014, November 6, 2015.

Writing Group

Don’t go through it alone—graduate students meet at weekly Writing Group sessions to support each other in writing their theses, dissertations, and other projects. Solicit feedback, bounce ideas off other students, and set aside designated writing time. For Spring 2015, the group will meet weekly beginning the first week of February in the IUPUI Graduate Office. Register at:

Versatile Ph.D.

All IUPUI graduate students have access to the premium content available through our partnership with Versatile Ph.D., an online resource providing a supportive community for graduate students interested in resources and insightful first-person narratives written by peers succeeding outside the academy. Access premium resources with your IUPUI I.D now »

National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity

PFFP participants have access to resources about dissertation, finding a post-doc,or fellowship, and/or the nuts and bolts of finding a tenure track job offered by the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity, Please email indicating your interest in completing your registration for these resources. 

Contact: NaShara Mitchell, Director, Preparing Future Faculty and Professionals program, 317.278.4331