Graduate and Professional Degree Program Approval Process

Propose a New Graduate or Professional Degree Certificate

Before You Begin

The following items must be completed before submitting a proposal for a new graduate or professional degree certificate.

  • The proposal should be accompanied by letters of support from the deans of schools that may be affected by the new program through any potential overlap of the proposed degree/major or proposed new courses. In the case of new Purdue programs, proposals must have letters of support from the appropriate counterpart dean or department chair at West Lafayette.
  • Any new courses required for the program should have been approved or be in the course remonstrance process. Information on submitting new courses or changing existing courses can be found on our website »

The IUPUI Graduate Office must receive new graduate and professional degree proposals for review at least four (4) weeks prior to the next regularly scheduled Graduate Affairs Committee meeting.  Please check the meeting schedule posted on the website.