Graduate and Professional Degree Program Approval Process

Propose Changes to Existing Degrees

Changes to Existing Programs

All IUPUI graduate and professional degree program changes require formal approval by both the school dean and the Graduate Affairs Committee. Examples of such changes include:
  • Addition or deletion of degree programs
  • Changes to curriculum requirements
  • Changes to program tracks or emphases
  • Changes to skill or language requirements
  • Changes in exam administration or policies

Changes to existing programs receive final approval once the GAC approves them, with the exception of program name changes. The approval process for a program name change ends at the Indiana Commission for Higher Education (ICHE). For the program name change, see the Required Approval Matrix (requires CAS authentication).

The IUPUI Graduate Office must receive new graduate and professional degree proposals for review at least two (2) weeks prior to the next regularly scheduled Graduate Affairs Committee meeting.  Please check the meeting schedule posted on the website.

Before proposing any changes, University Graduate School programs should consult the current University Graduate School Bulletin's "General Requirements" and "Academic Requirements," which provide broad outlines of university-accepted policies.

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Academic Program Name Change

Academic program name changes are considered part of the academic program approval process. Once a name change for a degree, certificate, or track/concentration/specialization has been approved by the GAC, it is reported to the trustees as an information item. In some cases, it also is reported to the Indiana Commission for Higher Education also as an information item. See the Required Approval Matrix.

The following steps are for program name changes only.

  • Step 1: Notify Academic Affairs

    When a department has decided to propose a change to the name of an academic program, the dean of the academic unit must receive written approval from academic affairs to proceed with the development of a proposal.


    Notify Academic Affairs

  • Step 2: CIP Code

    The Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) is the taxonomic coding scheme used for instructional programs in higher education. Its purpose is to facilitate the organization, collection, and reporting of fields of study and program completions. The academic unit should consult with the Office of the Registrar prior to submitting the proposal to determine whether a change to the CIP code used to classify the program is recommended.


    CIP Code Information

  • Step 3: Program Name Change Cover Sheet

    Complete the cover sheet for a program name change and send it along with a cover letter to the GAC requesting review and approval.

    Required Items:

    Program Name Change cover sheet

  • Step 4: Graduate Affairs Committee (GAC)

    The Graduate Affairs Committee (GAC) meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month between the  months of August through May with the exceptions of September and December. In order for the proposal to be reviewed by the GAC, it must be received by the IUPUI Graduate Office no later than two (2) weeks prior to the GAC meeting.

    Any questions about the GAC can be directed to Dezra Despain or Dr. Janice Blum


    Graduate Affairs Committee Meeting Dates

  • What Happens Next

    After the GAC approves the program name change, the proposal will be entered into the APPEAR system by the Graduate Office and forwarded to the Academic Leadership Council (IU degrees) or the associate provost at Purdue–West Lafayette (Purdue degrees) for approval.

    Following ALC approval (of IU programs), the change of name for a degree or certificate is reported to the trustees as an information item. In some cases, it also is reported to the Indiana Commission for Higher Education as an information item.

    Once final approval has been given, the chief academic officer will send notification of approval to the dean of the originating unit, the Office of Communications and Marketing, the IUPUI registrar, the director of Student Financial Services, and the director of graduate admissions where the major will be coded for inclusion in the master inventory.

    School representatives can review the status using APPEAR after the proposal has been submitted to the APPEAR system.


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