Mentor Graduate Students

Mentors are guides. They lead us along the journey of our lives. We trust them because they have been there before. They embody our hopes, cast light on the way ahead, interpret arcane signs, warn us of lurking dangers, and point out unexpected delights along the way.

Daloz, L.A.

The quality of the graduate student experience is important to the IUPUI Graduate Office and mentors play a crucial role in the personal and academic success of our students.

While good advising assists graduate students in learning about the academic discipline and skills needed to research or practice in a targeted area or profession, a mentor is a trusted guide who helps a graduate student through the mental, personal, and cultural transitions of the discipline and higher education.

National Mentoring Symposium

The IUPUI National Mentoring Symposium is a one-day national conference for students who work as peer mentors in various capacities. This event allows for peer mentoring programs from around the nation to come together to engage in personal and professional development.

Versatile PhD

Graduate students have access to the premium content available on Versatile PhD, an online resource providing a supportive community for graduate students interested in resources and insightful first-person narratives written by peers and other real-life “Versatile PhDs” succeeding outside the academy.

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Advancing Women Mentoring Program

The Advancing Women Mentoring Program is designed to empower individuals to work toward academic, personal, and professional success by engaging participants in authentic mentoring partnerships. Students have the opportunity to be mentored throughout the academic year by IUPUI faculty and staff. This program is open to all students, faculty, and staff with an interest in this subject.

IU School of Medicine Mentoring Website

The Office of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development at the Indiana University School of Medicine has developed a comprehensive resource for mentoring on their website. You will find resources on models and benefits of monitoring, a toolkit, and forms to use.

Mentoring Literature