Membership to Graduate Faculty

Graduate faculty membership is conferred at the university level.

If you are a tenured or tenure-track IU faculty member, you have been automatically granted graduate faculty status.  Non-tenure-track faculty or other appointees can also be granted graduate faculty status through a nomination process. A list of IU graduate faculty can be found in PDF format on the Indiana University Bloomington website »

Read Purdue University guidelines and procedures here »

How to Nominate

Non-tenure-track faculty or other appointees must be nominated by their department to receive Indiana University graduate faculty status. The nominating department must send a brief memo and the required Graduate Faculty/Limited Status Request form (to be completed by faculty and/or program) and a copy of the faculty member’s curriculum vitae (CV) to Dr. Janice Blum, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, Indiana University.

In this case, graduate faculty status can only be granted for a term not to exceed the nominee’s contract period.

The dean of the University Graduate School may revoke graduate faculty status for egregious behavior or scholarly or scientific misconduct.

Emeritus Faculty

Emeritus faculty members at Indiana University retain some rights and privileges of faculty. See a list a complete list of emeritus graduate faculty »

Dissertation Endorsements

Faculty members at Indiana University campuses are required to have a departmental endorsement to be allowed to direct dissertations, in addition to graduate faculty status. At least half of the members of each dissertation committee must have this endorsement. These endorsements are not automatically conferred.

How to Secure an Endorsement

A departmental advisory or steering committee must vote to nominate an Indiana University graduate faculty member for an endorsement to chair doctoral dissertation committees. Departments may also select another appropriate review process, such as a majority vote of the department’s graduate faculty members who hold the endorsement.

After the vote, the department chair must send a brief nomination memo and the required Graduate Faculty/Limited Status Request form (to be completed by faculty and/or program) to University Graduate School Associate Dean Janice Blum indicating that the endorsement nomination is supported by a departmental vote or advisory committee. The memo must include a curriculum vitae (CV) for the nominee.

Faculty members who receive this endorsement must hold a regular faculty appointment at IU, but not necessarily in the department or program conferring the endorsement. However, faculty members outside of the department or program must participate substantially in doctoral education within that program to be eligible.

Finalizing Faculty Appointments/Changes

Initial academic appointments, promotions, and end of faculty services at IUPUI must be finalized with the Office of Faculty Appointments and Advancements.

Contact the office at (317) 274-4627 to learn how to process the following appointments/changes:

  • Initial academic appointments
  • Named professorships
  • Adjunct faculty
  • Emeritus status
  • Leaving IU

Once processed, all faculty changes should be updated in the University Graduate School Bulletin.

For more information, email Dr. Janice Blum.