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Propose New Graduate Programs

The Indiana Commission for Higher Education developed an explicit and streamlined format for new degree proposals in August 2012. Read more about this at the Office of University Academic Planning & Policy.

New master’s-level and doctoral-level graduate programs must be approved by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, as do graduate certificates. The Office of University Academic Planning & Policy provides details on approval requirements in its General Matrix for the Administrative Approval Process for New Academic Programs.

A plan for assessment is a key element in any degree proposal. The planning matrix offers a framework for developing the appropriate assessment plan for your program. Download the matrix »

Each new degree and certificate proposal must include a cover page of defined format. Get the cover page »

Once a new program has received final approval, program administrators should contact Jody Smith to ensure that the program is included in the University Graduate School Bulletin. Additional information is available from the IUPUI Office of the Registrar.

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    View full guidelines »

    Briefly, your proposal should address the following:

    • Characteristics of the program
      • Campus(es) offering the program—note the campus or campuses responsible for the degree
      • Scope of delivery (specific sites or statewide)—include all locations where degree will be offered
      • Mode of delivery (classroom, blended, or online)—note that any program offered exclusively online should be registered on the IU Online portal. Go to the portal »
      • Other delivery aspects (co-ops, internships, clinicals, practica, etc.)
      • Academic unit(s) offering the program—note the academic unit offering the degree and note whether the degree is to be awarded by the program or the University Graduate School
    • Rationale for the program
      • Institutional rationale (alignment with institutional mission and strengths)
      • State rationale
      • Evidence of labor market need
    • Cost and support for the program
      • Facility, staff, facilities
      • Reallocations, special fees
    • Similar and related programs at IUPUI, at other Indiana University campuses, at other institutions
    • Quality and other aspects of the program
      • Credit hours, time to completion
      • Learning outcomes
      • Assessment
      • Licensure or accreditation
      • Placement of graduates
    • Projected headcount and full-time equivalent (FTE) enrollments and degrees conferred

    The Graduate Office can also supply examples of successful proposals or answer specific questions.