How to Apply

Though graduate admissions at IUPUI are decentralized, all programs use the same application.

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Each program has its own requirements, including deadlines, so contact them before starting your application. Find your program or department.

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International applicants and non-native speakers of English may be required to take a test to demonstrate English proficiency and meet graduate or professional admission requirements. For more information visit the Office of International Affairs.

The Annual Security Reports, containing policy statements, crime and fire statistics for Indiana University campuses, are available online. You may also request a physical copy by emailing IU Public Safety at

  • Common Colleges/Universities in Indiana and the Codes Assigned to Each College

    This table offers a short list of some of the common colleges/universities in Indiana and the code assigned to each college. If you don’t see your university listed, spell it out in the application.

    Ball State University 0000025646  IU South Bend 0000026984
    Butler 000002564 IU Southeast 0000026982
    DePauw 0000026371 Ivy Tech 0000027112
    Franklin 0000026650 Marian College 0000027473
    Indiana Wesleyan 0000026985 Notre Dame 0000029110
    Indiana State University 0000026976 Purdue 0000028228
    IU Bloomington 0000026978 Rose-Hulman 0000028345
    IU East (Richmond) 0000026979 St. Francis 0000029174
    IU Kokomo 0000026981 University of Evansville 0000029013
    IU Northwest 0000026980 University of Indianapolis 0000029033
    IPFW 0000026974 University of Southern Indiana 0000029170
    IUPUI 0000026975
  • Prior Conduct Disclosure Policy

    We are committed to maintaining a safe learning environment. As part of that commitment, Indiana University requires applicants to disclose if they:

    • have been subject to formal disciplinary action (including for example, but not limited to, suspension or expulsion) for academic or non-academic reasons at any high school, post-secondary institution, college or university;
    • have been charged with or convicted of a crime (or a foreign legal equivalent) that has not been expunged by a court;
    • and/or have engaged in behavior that caused injury to person(s) or personal property (including for example, but not limited to, vandalism or behavior that led to a restraining order against you) which resulted in some form of discipline or intervention.

    A previous disciplinary action, charge, conviction, or conduct of the sort identified here does not automatically disqualify applicants from admission to IU, but they do require review by the campus admissions committee.

    Please upload required documentation to your electronic IUPUI application or complete the Prior Conduct Information and Release form.

    Please provide a complete explanation (in English) of the disciplinary action, charges, conviction, or other behavior that caused injury to person(s) or property which resulted in some form of discipline or intervention; the dates and court disposition (court ruling or result), the location (city, state, and country), the impact the incident(s) had on you, and a statement granting your permission to officials at all institutions and agencies to release information needed by IU to substantiate statements made in your application or letter. This statement must also include a grant of permission to IUPUI for complete access to disciplinary records, if any, at the previous college or university. For further information about either of these requirements, call 317-278-2071. This information must be sent within 48 hours of submitting the application on-line.