Student Successes

Mohammed Ebrahim Feyz

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering

What degree are you working toward?

I am currently a PhD student in Mechanical Engineering and expect to graduate by late 2019.

Why did you choose graduate school at IUPUI?

The joint graduate program between IUPUI and Purdue University was my strongest motivation to join IUPUI. Besides, my advisor Dr. Razi Nalim is one of the best at combustion science nationwide and I am honored to work closely with him towards my degree.

What has been your favorite academic accomplishment since you’ve been here?

I recently could be introduced as a finalist to the SOLVE competition which is held by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In this competition, people are asked to come up with novel ideas regarding the restriction of green house gas production. As a finalist, I have the opportunity to pitch my idea in front of a live audience at United Nations HQ in New York City.

What do you enjoy most about life in Indianapolis?

The urban culture is suitable for a relaxing life style. I like the fact that Indy is a mid-size city which benefits from the aspects of living in a large city and small town at the same time.

Please provide some details about your work/research as a graduate student and/or any activities you are involved in.

My research mainly focuses on improving the combustion properties such as efficiency and emissions. Beside my research life, I am an instructor in Fluid Mechanics Lab where students practice concepts related to the fluids and flow. In addition, I had the privilege to mentor several student groups on small research projects.